Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The blind jokes have to stop


I have been asked this many many times so I feel I have to address it. Why am I so offended by SNL's portrayal of me and my disability?

The answer is simple. I am not personally offended by these attacks, but I feel it is very disrespectful to the disabled. I cannot sit idly by and watch as an entire group of folks get disrespected. It is a form of pointing fingers, laughing and jeering at one another, and does not show the proper respect to the blind community. I cannot stand for it. Simply stated, it is immoral and wrong.

It is what I have stood for. And what I am always standing for as governor. To embrace, rather than mock, what makes us, as individuals, different.

Governor Paterson, Standing For Equality:

A few alarming graphs

I've found a few graphs that show us some cause for alarm. Unemployment rates seem to be raising very fast:

And I'm very concerned with this graph on the economy i saw:

And this bar graph shows a bell curve that is very high in the middle:

Fix the New York Economy

Friends, our economy needs a major boost. My plans offer the following solutions:

1)       Gainful employment raTE
2)fixing The NY schools

3). Decrease homelessness

5..) Get more law officers on the streets
6))          A new trend towards green energy

With your help we can fix these prob

A Note on my blindness

Yes, it's true that I am mostly blind. This fact has been reported widely in the press, and has been mocked notoriously on Saturday Night Live. This is something that I have lived with, and have to live with daily.

Regardless, this small fact does not impede my decisions as standing governor of New York State, and should not restrict me in any way. The only impediment I see is people not giving me the full respect I deserve, simply because of a disability.

So I ask you now to set this fact aside. Yes, it is difficult for me to see, but it is not difficult for me to see that this state needs some major revisions and amendments. This blog was created by me in an effort to reach out to you, my constituents, across party lines, and ask us to all join together to unify this great state.

To make fun of my disability is a childish thing.